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Classic Car Driver was set up by a classic car enthusiast to provide a central hub of resources to ease the pain of classic car purchase, ownership and maintenance.



The idea for the site came about when the founder of the site decided to purchase his first classic car.


Whilst researching potential cars it became apparent that there was no easy way of gaining access to parts costs, suppliers and clubs that were based on a specific car.


The problem was that the resources were out there but you had to search which was time consuming.

The concept for CCD was born and the idea was to create a single resource that combined all of the resources from clubs, suppliers and fellow drivers.

One of the most important aspects to provide a solution that would provide general suppliers as well as specialised resources  based on a specific make/model of car therefore reducing the need to spend time searching.

Whether you are a Driver, Classic Car Club or a Supplier you will find benefits to signing up and joining the complete site for classic car enthusiasts.



 Drivers can:

  • track spend on their classic cars
  • link costs to donor cars including parts retained and parts sold
  • add wish lists of parts required and be notified when matching classifieds are placed
  • gain access to a list of resources matched to their cars e.g if a driver owns a lancia beta spyder they will automatically gain access to an address book of useful suppliers and service providers relevant to that car
  • search for suppliers based on type of service and in some cases specialists for a specific make/model as well as having access to feedback to help decide which supplier to go with
  • view details of clubs relating to cars they own or wish to own
  • gain access to a classic car event calendar that can be tailored to specific preferences
  • can sign up and add themselves based on specific makes/models or as a general supplier
  • suppliers without a website can benefit from a profile page which is offered by CCD to provide a web presence.
  • Track traffic from their CCD listing
  • Work with CCD to run targeted and specific marketing campaigns
  • Enhance their reputation by providing a high quality service and gaining positive feedback.
  • Will be able to add themselves to the CCD club directory which will enhance their brand presence to members of the public who are not necessarily members already
  • Club events will be promoted directly to drivers who are interested in a certain make/model of car but who are not members of any club yet
  • Work with CCD to run targeted and specific marketing campaigns


Company Name: Masih Limited T/A Classic Car Driver

Company Registered Address: 3 Hamilton Road, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 3AR

Company Registration Number: 06290332

Registered in England and Wales.

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