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24th February 2018

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The concept of Classic Car Driver is based on the underlying principle of matching goods, services and resources to cars owned by drivers. This means that you do not need to spend hours looking , we bring relevant resources directly to you.


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These include:

  • Car Spend Management tools
  • Car classifieds
  • Specialised suppliers based on service and make and model of car
  • Access to car clubs
  • Central classic car event calendar
  • Car part pricing info*
  • Access to an array of suppliers with feedback to help determine which suppliers meet your needs
  • Ability to manage classic car clubs, events, parts and suppliers for each of your cars in one place.
The benefits of signing up on CCD include:
  • Membership within a central classic car event calendar
  • Access to promote your club to non-members
  • Promotion for smaller clubs who may not have their own dedicated website
  • Ability to promote your club as part of the featured supplier scheme
  • Allowing a central resource that can help you attract advertisers at your events that will help you boost club event popularity and driver satisfaction
The benefits of advertising on CCD include:
  • Enhancing awareness of your services by being automatically promoted to relevant owners who are matched to the services you provide
  • Ability to list as a general supplier or specialised supplier and linking to a specific make/model
  • use of profile page to provide a web presence where a company website is not in place.
  • Promotion of your services through customer feedback

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